The ScoutSight app allows you to access the insights of pro scouts through a proprietary similarity algorithm to learn how NFL Draft Prospects are expected to perform as rookies.

ScoutSight brings the power of comparative analytics directly to the NFL fan by allowing you to compare, rank and match draft prospects.

Its advanced tools offer fans unparalleled access to insights formerly available only to industry insiders, making it unlike any app on the market.

What can you do with ScoutSight?

ScoutSight’s Player Similarity Algorithm

With access to historical college statistics of NFL players in the context of how they went on to start and progress in their careers, ScoutSight’s proprietary similarity algorithm will empower you with a range of possible outcomes of new draft prospects and how they are expected to perform as pros.

With this insight, you can leverage ScoutSight before the draft to enhance your own research, after the draft to judge individual team’s draft selections, and all the way through the NFL preseason for continued player analysis.

Identify top prospects by position, statistic, or college team.

Save prospects to scouting notebooks in order to keep track of players you are researching

Assemble prospect lists for your fantasy draft.

Endorsed by NFL Pros

  • ScoutSight brings the power of comparative analytics directly to the NFL fan, providing fans with unparalleled access to player stats combined with a powerful algorithm to understand how this year's draft class compares to current NFL players. I think anyone interested in insights into the NFL Draft and fantasy football will love this! Don't just wonder who is better...know more with ScoutSight!

    Todd Steussie, President PotentiaPRO, 14-year NFL Guard and Tackle (started in two Pro Bowls, 14 Playoff Games, three NFC Championships and the 2004 Super Bowl)

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ScoutSight is a product line developed by the professional sports analytics experts at PotentiaPRO. PotentiaPRO’s team of experienced professionals ranging from NFL pro players, scouts, and team owners to data scientists, ensure our tools incorporate an in-depth understanding of the intricacies related to both college and NFL football outcomes analytics. Leading professional sports teams, management firms and leagues are employing PotentiaPRO’s powerful information and analytics tools to create agile learning systems and to position themselves for success by defining the future of professional sports analytics.